Putting control back in your hands

Redefine How You Manage Your Finances

Designed to streamline your financial transactions and empower you with unparalleled convenience and security.

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August 15th, 2024

Your Virtual Pocket

Seamless Digital Transactions

Changing the way you move your money. 

Seamless Integration

Ensuring that your money moves as quickly as you do.

Instant transfers

Sending money to friends, & colleagues made effortless.

Enhanced Security

Money and transfers protected by established local banks.

Business Solutions

Integrated with our business suite of services.

How it works

Built for Employees


Request Money

Whether it’s reimbursement for business expenses, payment for goods or services, or simply splitting bills with partners or colleagues, requesting money is quick, convenient, and hassle-free.


Receive Money

Renozan ensures that funds are deposited securely into the user’s account, ready to be managed and utilized as needed.


Save, Spend, Transfer

Users can save funds for future goals or emergencies, spend conveniently using Renozan’s digital wallet for in-store transactions, and transfer money to other accounts seamlessly.

Who uses Renozan Personal Accounts?

Tailored To Specific Industries

Adding a layer of convenience and connectivity for individuals within the distribution, retail, and logistics industries, seamlessly integrating them into the Renozan ecosystem. This streamlines payment processes, allowing stakeholders to receive payments promptly and securely within a centralized platform.

Distribution Companies


Logistic Drivers

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Renozan App Launches Soon!

August 15th, 2024